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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jstutzman, Sep 17, 2012.

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    I live near Winston Salem North Carolina. I just seeded the back yard with Kentucky 31 tall fescue. Last year i seeded too heavily with lescos transition blend. Most of it died out but where it did live, it is a thin profiled grass. I want to seed the front next week and would maybe like to have something a little nicer than the K-31 but not has thin as the lesco. Is there a TTTF type that has a darker color but still has a thicker type blade. Im not looking for picture perfect. I just want a durable grass that is pretty drought resistant. If i had to list my priorities it would be durability over looks. I have seen some of the TTTF grasses that look pretty heavy and still has a nice look to them.
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    K-31 is an old type tall fescue--more of an unimproved pasture grass. Fine for 30 years ago. Newer tall fescues have been improved a great deal by plant breeders. Take a look at page 20 of the grass care brochure for a list of varieties of tall fescue that do well in your area. A wide blade does not mean the grass is tough--the newer varieties are tougher, and have greater disease resistance--and thinner leaf blades.

    Also look up Cayenne tall fescue, a new improved selection with medium fine blades.
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    Here's another good resource from my alma mater:
    recommended turf cultivars for north carolina from NCSU

    The only cultivar that State recommends that's in Lesco Transition Zone this year is Padre.

    Interesting that you had that experience with putting the seed down too thick. Most clients believe me when I tell them that but some just want the guy with the craigslist ad that says "we put down twice as much seed as the other guy"
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    I think plenty of seed is a good thing. About 8 pounds per thousand is suggested. How much excess did you apply? What caused the die out? heat? Dry? disease? Sunny spots or shade spots? Was there any ryegrass in the lawn? Any poa annua?
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    Dang, I do everything I can to get rid of that stuff in lawns around here. Wide bladed, bunched up mess it makes.
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    Im not sure how much i put down. It was very thick though. Rough calculations indicate that i put down about 20 lb/ 1000 sq foot and I think every darn seed took root. It looked beautiful until the first hot day then within two weeks it just browned out and died. it was very very thick.
  7. jstutzman

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    I actually like the wide blade. I just wanted a tough lawn that didnt need a lot of attention. I read several places that it was the most drought resistant and less likely to get brown patch because it was not so dense. Figured i would give it a try. Ill let you know next year if i made a mistake.

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