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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScCo, Sep 12, 2004.

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    I have two customers that need aeration and overseeding. These yards are in NW Arkansas, which is transition zone. Most of the maps that show which types of grasses will grow have use just below where bluegrass grows well, and just barely into the fescue growing region. Yard number one is fairly sparse in it's establishment. Yard number two is moderately well established, but still thin in areas and prone to weed problems do to lack of well established turf desity.

    One of the yards is shaded rather heavily with a good irrigation system. Several of the tree limbs will be pruned out this winter to allow more sunlight through, but it will still be fairly shady.

    Is creeping red fescue my best bey here? Or could I go for a mix of creeping red and something else? The customer is not one who is concerned much with price, she just wants a nicer lawn.

    The second yard is polar opposite to the first yard. There is very little shade in this yard, and no irrigation as of right now. It has a decent stand of fescue, but needs a lot of improvement.

    What mixture would you recomend for this condition?

    Neither of these customers really care much about pricing, so if there is a certain mixture of various seeds that you have had good luck with, I would appreciate the input.

    Also, where is my best bet on getting various types of seeds. Kentucky 31 is about it around here, and I don't care much for it. A place to order from online would be fine, as we have no lesco store here.

    Thanks for the time and input and let me know if I left out any necessary information,


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