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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rpearlberg, Apr 20, 2012.

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    About 4 weeks ago I raked, seeded (tall fescue), and fertilized my yard. Since then I've been watering about 3 times/day and it just started to germinate in the last 4-5 days. With the expected rainfall over the next few days (in CT) should I put down more fertilizer and/or seed?
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    rpearlberg - I know that you have worked hard on that grass, but you need to understand that you are trying to plant at the wrong time of the year. Growing fescue in north GA. without automatic irrigation is tough enough. Planting seed in the spring when that seed should be going in the ground in September is just going to be a big disappointment for you. Your question's show a lack of understanding of basic technique. I don't like being so negative, so i will help you in the fall if you want.
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    Cut back on watering it 3 times a day, and don't add anymore fertilizer or seed. Since the grass is germinating, just water it twice a day for a few more days if it doesn't rain. I think you'll be fine. The only time you can't plant Tall Fescue is in June and July if you don't have an irrigation system.
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    Please get a soil test as soon as you can, so you can see what the soil needs.

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