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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, Aug 26, 2012.

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    I reseeded a ring-shaped dead spot (the result of a glyphosate test last fall).
    The left side was tilled up by hand to a depth of about one inch. The right side had no soil preparation, but was seeded with triple the usual amount of seed. I Used Earth Services Shady Supreme. The site had light shade and was not irrigated. The test began on July 28--when rain was predicted. Rain was almost zero and was followed by 3 weeks of dryness.
    After 28 days which finally included a good rain, the tilled area had thin new grass. The heavy (triple) seed area had fair new grass result.

    Perhaps extra seed can compensate for limited or no soil preparation.
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    what is earth whatis it name?
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    Earth Service and Supply is West Michigan regional supplier of fert, herbicide, and seed.
    They have a line of seed custom blended for local needs.
    The seed I used is high in Wendy Jean fine fescue, plus some rye and blue--which i do not recall the varieties at the moment.
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    If you think about the natural world of grass propagation by its own seed,,, you'll note that in June it forms seed heads, then falls to the ground upon maturity and waits for the right conditions to germinate... when those conditions arrive,,, the seed goes to town, as it were... :)

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