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    Good testing, Im wondering if your cups have holes in the bottom? were they outside? I was convinced that the coated stuff would be way better, I was gonna switch to using it this year for overseeding, but now I'm skeptical, perhaps I will also conduct a test when the weather warms up around here. I also think a good test would be to leave the pots outdoors with minimal to no watering and see how mother nature plays into affect. Keep up the good work there Riggle.
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    The containers were inside at 68 degrees. Too cold outside and I didn't want rain. The containers were weighed to determine the approximate amount of water in the soil. There was no drainage. The "low-water" cups got a teaspoon of water to start. And this was followed up with 10 ml of water after 4 days. The "well-watered" cups were watered slightly every day until moist, but no surface water visible. The water used was rain water collected last month, so mineral salt buildup would be minimal. The "well-watered" cups had about 20 grams more water than the "low-water cups". The soil weighed about 47 percent more inthe "well-watered" cups.

    The soil was not drained to field capicity as there was no drainage, but if any surface water remained it was poured off. I had no means to measure the total percent water as I had no means to dry the soil to weigh it again.
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