seed with crabgrass control

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    When done simply, cheaply and correctly, there is no reason for concern about wasting money... I don't waste the clients' money with Spring fix-up of winterkill patches and I don't waste the clients' money with pre-m before the turf grass germinates...
    Why do those who can't make it happen, continue to say that it can't happen... I've been doing this for the past many years and it becomes negligence on my part to NOT get these dirt spots filled in...
    The fact of a lawn STILL requiring pre-m to avoid CG, after 5 years or so, demonstrate poorly developing turf... I work on 'growing' turf rather than 'killing' weeds, so the lawns become stronger and thicker as time goes by...
    I realize that squirt&fert guys, don't grow grass, but for those more complete care, LCOs I would encourage getting outside of the squirt&fert box... :)

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