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LawnSite Silver Member
South Jersey
Does any one know of a rider on/stand on seeder ? Got a bunch of old guys where I work and they hate to walk any more


Mark Stark

LawnSite Fanatic
Rochester, NY
Stinger has a ride on aerator with a seeder attachment that looks neat
Just looked at one today. Saw a guy with one at the seed house and talked to him about it. Looks awesome. Aerator is $11k then seed box is $1500. Awesome looking setup. Guy loves his. We have a Stinger aerator but not with seed box. Maybe next year we grab one.


LawnSite Fanatic
Grand Rapids MI
You have to choose between a slice seeder and two steps. One, aeration or (vertical mow). Two, broadcast seed.
I hope it is still warm enough where you are located.
On the other hand--a tow-behind cheap model--followed by double seeding might work almost as well.

DA Quality Lawn & YS

LawnSite Fanatic
Rochester, MN
I have the Stinger slice seeder and have the sulky too, but with my Stinger aerator. Have not tried the sulky with the seeder yet. Probably won't now until next season.