Seeding 4.5acres?


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Springfield, IL
Hey guys need some advise...I just purchased 4.5acres to build my house on...The property was in corn last year...I had the corn stocks all mowed up and had another friend run a turbo till with rollers over the whole thing as well...My question is the ground is pretty soft and fluffy right now should I seed it now or wait a bit for the ground to compact a little...Any and all advise would be welcomed...

Also, this is in central Illinois...


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Kirksville Mo
Get soil test crop fields dirt wont grow grass very well
You can seed it now after you seed it you should roll it or use a culti packer to compress the seed and the soil


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Winston-Salem NC
Corn will suck up a lot nutrient's. A soil test is a real good idea. I would definitely slit-seed in the fall. Your talking 1600 Lb's of seed @ 8 Lb's per 1000 sq. ft. if you broadcast seed 4.5 acre's. You can cut that rate to 3-4 Lb's. if you slit seed. Spend the next 6 month's getting your soil right. Then seed in the fall, it'll be worth it in the long run.