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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by joshua2415, Apr 14, 2010.

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    I have 2 bags of Pennington Smart Seed Centipede/Carpetgrass Mix to plant in a bare area. 1 bag reads that it will cover up to 750 sq ft; I doubt the area is that big. I would like the result to be a nice thick area of grass, not just enough to cover the area. If I do the proper prep work, can I expect the results I'm looking for? Has anyone used this particular seed? I'm going to amend the soil with compost and cover with topsoil as the existing ground is clay. I've been doing a lot of reading on here and have gotten a lot of valuable info; thanks to all who have posted. I have many more questions about my yard, but I'll probably post other threads for each one. Thanks again to all those who have inputs.
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    I can save you a ton of work / money, the Grass Stitcher ( requires no topsoil cover, although the clay could be a problem so the compost sounds like a good idea. The key benefit with the GS is that it creates wide holes with loose soil - perfect for germinating grass seed and you leave the dead lawn / thatch to protect the seed.
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    Or you could go to an Ace Hardware and get a Garden Weasel which is the same exact thing for about $20 bucks instead of paying a $100 for that.
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    Sure you can get a Garden Weasel and beat yourself up, pushing on that straight shaft (using all your arm strength and energy for the day), making pin prick holes that cause 10% of the seed to germinate, then when you need it most, it breaks in your hands?? But maybe you like to run back and forth to Ace Hardware spending more money only to have it break again.

    Grass Stitcher

    - Has a full lifetime warranty
    - Uses Leg strength or body weight - NO ARM STRENGTH!
    - Makes extra wide holes with loose soil for excellent germination - works fantastic EVERY TIME - unless you like call backs?
    - Is expandable to make a double wide (20 inches)

    Being a professional I would think you would use professional tools??? Not tools for homeowners designed to cultivate weeds in a garden, its like using a tea spoon to scoop frozen ice cream. Like the saying goes "Successful people use the right tools for the job"

    The Grass Stitcher is 3 times the cost but 10 times the tool, don't take my word for it ask anyone who has one.

    Check out these reviews and more at

    That was then this is now - you have a much better choice
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    FYI - You can buy your Grass Stitcher at any John Deere Landscapes service center, if you don't see them in the store ask them to order some.
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    Enough with the thread spam...

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