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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Infinite, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Lesco's Classic Sunny (50%KB, 30%PRG, 20% CRF) is approx $2.00/lb This is list price and a minor discount.
    do you mean creeping red fescue, or chewing fescue, or combination of both?

    The year before I arrived at a gc in C ILL, they spot overseeded with 30% P rye and 70% ky bluegrass, an nothrup king mixture, end result was 100% p rye!

    So infinite,

    what type of bluegrass, and is the rye per. or an annual? Do you know?
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    I would say 3 - 6 #/1000' for a new lawn. Recall, the end results depend on how much water you add and think frequency not duration. If you want a poor lawn, by all means don't water it. If you want a drop dead gorgeous lawn...water 5 - 7 times per day 5 -7 minutes per cycle for the first 3 weeks then cut back to 3 times per day 15 minutes per cycle for 2 weeks then to 2 x's per day 20 minutes per cycle. Once the roots are long adn deep you can switch to deeper watering with less frequency.
  4. too much per. ryegrass!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Until we know what seed his is using and the germination rate, how can we recommend a seeding rate!
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    Timturf, I know. I was just getting him a rough idea what to expect on price and that was the closest ratio I had. If it were me I do not think I would use PRG at all. I love the Bluegrass!
  7. Infinite

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    65% K-blue, 20% rye, 15% chewing fescue, so is this a good combination to use for a nice lawn?
  8. Since I not that familiar with ohio, and don't know where your town is, look at ohio state university recommendations. They may be push tt tall fescue, especially in mid and s ohio, just an educated guess!
  9. Grass Gator

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    Lots of talk about new lawns here. What about overseeding of fescue in heavy shade area. How many lbs., per 1000 ft? Is a silt seeder the best options for overseeding?
  10. what kind of fescue are you talking about? sheep, chewing, hard, creeping red, tall fescue, or tt tall fescue?

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