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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bdoss123, Jul 15, 2007.

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    So the power company has agreed to remove about 10 pines from my front yard. Four have been topped by them before, so they are just plain ugly. 3 Are in close proximity to the house, and the remainder are just in the way.

    So my question is,
    After removing these trees, grinding the stumps, and extending my planting bed past the stumps, what are my chances of establishing a quality TTTF lawn in the rest of the area?

    I know it's hard to imagine this setup without pics, but basically there will be planting beds where the trees were, but I want to establish turf in the remainder of the yard that will now get enough sun.

    I know I'm going to have to adjust PH, and also figured I would bring in 1/2inch - 1inch of compost all around.

    Any other tips?

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    We have a customer where Duke Power also removed trees too close to the power line and the customer asked as to plant grass now.

    Trees had been removed just about one year ago and tons of underbrush, plus poison ivy, is growing now fairly fast.

    Yes, it should work. We will spraying and removing underbrush, stump grind, level out the prop, lime / fert, plant grass. Usually, the "woods" have pretty good soil.

    One concern in our case is a huge poison ivy field in the middle of the renovation area. Sooner or later, kids will play on the grass, so just spraying the PI will not remove the oils.
  3. bdoss123

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    Thanks for the reply. How high/low did Duke Power leave the stumps?

    Also, what kind of grass was used?

    Thanks again,

  4. Dotens

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    use plenty of high quality seed and use the right starter fertlizer then water, water, water. The use of a co poloymer gel like aqua gel to help hold moisturea and cut irrigation requirements works great. Its kinda pricey but well worth the $$
  5. bdoss123

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    How much trouble will I run into due to "settling" after the pine roots begin to decay?

    - BD

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