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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by gilbert, Jul 26, 2003.

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    I live where the summer temp. averages 95 degrees and my lawn gets direct sun for most of the day. I've switched from frequent short waterings to less frequent good soakings. I have a few spots of mild yellowing. Can I seed and and fertilize in summer or should I wait for cooler fall temps? I would like to aerate, shall I wait for fall on this also?
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    Hey there Gilbert,

    I now live on the Oregon Coast, but owned a lawn care company in Vegas for 15 years (similar weather to you)... don't you have some fires going on down there???

    Anyway, it's possible to seed anytime it's warm enough to germinate, but the ideal time is to wail until the first of October which is the high desert overseeding month... Of course I am assuming you are talking about seeding with a cool season turfgrass like fescue.... I used a lot of Mustang tall fescue seed in Vegas and just saw that pickseed west has a newer variety Mustang 3 that is suppose to be better in every catagory...

    About half way through September you may want to spray for weeds or Bermuda and then scalp, aerate, seed, and topdress about October 1st... Keep moist during the day, then add your starter fertilizer about 2 weeks after seeding (yes, most add the fertilizer when they seed, but each seed capsule contains enough natural fertilizer for about 10 days after germination), then you can probably give it a first mow about a week later (3 weeks)...

    This will give the seed a good warm germination period without a lot of weed germination, then the entire cool season to mature before the summer heat.... Be sure to rent a manure spreader to topdress so you get a nice even layer, but I use a topdressing mulch instead of manure (less salt and smell :)

    Good Luck, Clay

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