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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Atlantic Lawn, May 27, 2001.

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    I have a client who wants to fill in his existing bermuda yard with seed. Mainly sand on the property about one mile from the beach.There are a few 10X10 areas that need seed. He wants to seed the entire yard. The coverage he has now is sparse in a lot of areas. When I seed new lawns I rake, seed. and cover with hay, water everydayand keep seeds moist till they sprout. Then I cut after a few weeks. I can't do this with his yard. If I let it grow for a few weeks all the existing bermuda will get too tall and will brown out when I cut . Enough water for the seed will be too much for the current lawn, any sugestions ?
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    In my golf course days in order to thicken up our brumuda fairways we sliced it. I would also sprig the the areas that are bare you will have coverage in about 9 t 12 weeks .

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    oops excuse my spelling its early Bermuda
    God LOL

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    I would try to avoid seeding bermuda. Is the bare area in the shade? You need lots of sun for bermuda. Is the lawn a hybrid bermuda or common bermuda? If a hybrid bermuda, the seeded area(if germinated) would look different than the rest of the lawn. If hybrid, I would buy some squares of sod to fill in. It doesn't sound like you will need too much, and may be pretty close in price.

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