Seeding during time of pre-emergent application?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CK82, Mar 27, 2008.

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    I have quite a lot of path work/ seeding from snow removal damage this winter, along with this I have some skidsteer tracks to seed in from last season. Will it be pointless to seed early this spring. I am not sure if the pre-emergent crabgrass control that is usually applied will prevent the seed from germinating/growing? I also have not had a lot of luck seeding in the past, I've used premium seed, and seed aide (compressed newspaper granuals) to prevent from wash out and to retain moisture. Any information would help. Thanks, Chris
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    You might have trouble with that especially if it rains. Its always a rough call. On a larger area with new topsoil you may have luck. It can also depend on what type of herbicide was used. i would ask a sales rep where you get your chemicals from about it.
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    Chris, you may want to look in the renovation forum, alot of good info. Do you want a quick fix, just to get grass growing, or go all out and do a renovation ? In a nutshell, knock down any highspots from the track marks and topdress the lawn, this will fill in any low spots from the tracks also, next, aerate and either powerseed or if the lawn is thin enough, sow the seed with a spreader and rake in with a inverted leaf rake. The pre-m most likely will affect the germination of new seed, unless the pre-m specifies it wont, which is rarely the case, unless it contains tuperson. The best seed collected will not grow unless the soil conditions are right. Think of the seed box. Good luck!
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    Sounds good. Thank you

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