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We are looking at doing some seeding along the county roads where they have been widening them. We always put on a certain poundage of fertilizer but there specs. seems to be a lot more . How much fertilizer do you put on per acre.


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For new seeding that willnot be re-fertilized later I try to put down about 10 lbs per 1000 sq ft of a balanced blend fert that gives me about 1.5 lbs of slow release nitrogen per 1000 sqft. Using the slow release fertilizer sort of insures that there is still some fertilizer available when the seed germinates. I say sort of insures because, depending on the weather, most of the nitrogen will have leached out before the seed germinates.

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Wow..10lbs per k with starter?

We usually apply starter at 4.5 lbs per k, then do another app 4-5 weeks later at the same rate.

I would think 10lbs at once wouldnt be good. but you are in a different area then I


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That seems like a lot of wasted fertilizer! Even a 10-10-10 at
900 lb./acre equals over 2 lbs. of NPK/ 1000 sq. ft.

It would be better to go at about a 1-2-1 ratio of NPK when seeding at no more than 1 lb. P per 1000 sq. ft. Repeat this again after the seed is up and cut a couple times.

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