Seeding guarentee?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Indiana, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. Indiana

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    I have done hydroseeding for about six years and every now and then I get questioned about guarentees on my hydroseeding.

    I have in the past reshot things to make the customer feel better. Most of the time, problems with the hydroseeding are because of lasck of watering or a seed problem.

    My supplier a couple years ago was sorry. He would buy leftover stock and sell it like it was fresh seed. When you have a problem or a question he shows you the door.

    Anyway, I just have to vent about getting the blame and reshooting something that was done right the first time and somebody neglects.

    Anybody else have guarentees?

    I also deal with it on shrubbery but not near as bad.
  2. Stonehenge

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    I give them paperwork that says that we guarantee that we will grade the yard according to engineered drainage plans, we will add the amount of topsoil we say we will, we will use the high quality seed we specify, fert and hydromulch.

    It also says that the biggest determinant in the success of the lawn is with the customer. Because we can't control what the customer will do once we leave, we don't guarantee that the grass will take hold and grow well. That's up to them.

    That's not to say that if they call I won't go out and reshoot, because I usually do. But I also usually drive by 2-3 days post-seeding to see if they are watering enough, and if they aren't, they get a phonecall.
  3. The Good Earth

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    Stonehenge said that one best. We also do the same thing, providing them the paperwork, but we also have them sign a waiver saying that they understand that it is up to them to water the property. Along with that we have made an informational flyer that we give the customer that reminds them that water is important to the establishment of turf.

    This is a new one that we came across this week. Really kind of funny. We are starting a projest next Tuesday morning. 272,000 square yards of hydromulching in an existing housing development. It is a water line improvement project and we are subbing for an excavating company. Anyway, I went down to get the seed and fert specs. As I was flipping thru the specs I got on the section marked "Watering". The excavating company has to water the seed until a suitable result of turf appears. They didn't even catch it. You should have seen those guys scrambling trying to figure out waht to do. Man, I got out of there quick. No way we are going to be the sprinkler boys!!
  4. Indiana

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    I know what you mean when the term "watering" is used.

    Maybe try the hydrogell that Finn is marketing. I haven't tried it though. Been thinking about it but I just don't listen much to manufacturers pushing their own product.

    They tell you the good but not the "real world" experience.

    I just don't how to guarentee something so fragile.

    I usually reshoot something if I think the seed was bad, or whatever. But lack of watering is a must for the customer. I hand them a sheet prepared by Conweb that tells them care and maintenance instuctions.

    If they follow it, they will have a beautiful lawn. If they don't they wasted their money having me come out.

    Just wanted to know that I was not alone.

    The customer tells you all kinds of stories about other areas they have had work done and say that the guys other places guarentees everything. I know better.
  5. Sean Gassman

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    Most contractors do have a warrantee in my area. Most contractors do have strict watering requirments and if not followed to the letter will void the warrantee.

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