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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SDNCLAWNCARE, Jun 30, 2006.


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    I have some bear spots that need new seed and straw. Is it ok to seed during the summer if I water in early morning / late evening? Any suggestions? Also my front yard needs a good overseeding, can I do this now or wait until the fall...

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    Summer is way way to hot and dry.

    Wait until around first week of September. Rent a BlueBird slit seeder/slicer for real good seed to soil contact. Go over with slit seeder a few times and in different angles on the yard. Also put down some starter fertilizer with start or peat moss.

    Keep wet every day for a few weeks and then start watering every other day for a few weeks. Water instructions are not precise but you get the idea. Water and more water but don't flood it. Maybe 1/2" a day in the beginning.
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    First, we need to know what kind of grass you're talking about. If you're talking about fescue, bluegrass or other cool season grasses, then the answer is wait until September. But zoysia, bermuda, and other warm season grasses can be planted in the heat of the summer with good success, if they are kept moist. If you're planting warm season grasses late in the summer, and you have freezing temperatures in the winter, make sure you have 8 to 10 weeks before your first frost, or your young warm season grass seedlings won't make it.

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    For fescue, you can do the bare spots successfully if the dirt is tilled or loosened enough and you put plenty of straw or straw mat down. Starter fert. and water daily, don't wash out the area.

    I wouldn't overseed until the fall.

    I just newly seeded about 2500 sq ft about 3 weeks ago. Used Scotts starter fert. and covered with seed mat. I watered each evening for about 30 minutes, skipped a few days here and there and now have pretty good coverage about 3 inches tall.

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