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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jrlandscaping781, May 31, 2007.

  1. jrlandscaping781

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    What's your method for seeding new lawns? I harley rake, fertilize with 15-30-15, broadcast the seed and roll. I've been debating with myself about the use of straw. The straw I know will help with maintaining moisture, but it can also create more weeds and will tend to sometimes blow around in high wind areas. (Plus I hate spreading it!) Do you guys always use straw or some type of organic cover? I did an acre job last fall without straw an it came it awesome looking. I did another job this spring without straw and it is taking a long time to germinate. Maybe the straw would of helped since it has been dry and we had a couple late cold days.
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    I think youve had good luck in the fall because of the weather. I have had the same experience. In the spring the soil can dry out so fast, you need a cover. As for the weed seed, try using shredded straw. The baled hay/straw is full of garbage. The bagged stuff is nicer to spread and clean. I have found it produces no weeds.
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    I've had much better luck growing grass the times I've used straw.
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    If you didnt use straw or some kind of mulch you lucked out. I hydro-seed and dont use straw but you need some kind of mulch for insulation and protection. The proper mulching is just important as proper seed and fertlizer application.
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    i just redid a section of lawn at my house, it was about a 15x15 section, i tilled up the area, smoothed it out and used a broadcast spreader for the seeds, after that i covered the seeds with about a 1/4 inch of humus, and within 3 days the seeds started spouting, this was with bluegrass seed. has anyone seen bluegrass start germinating so fast.
  6. mini14

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    theres a product from lebanon called penn mulch, google it. its tiny pellets with starter fert. no weed seeds, i use it all the time, a bit pricey. if u r doing such large jobs why havent u invested in a hydroseeder ?
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    2nd that penn mulch. has worked well for me, among things is it helps the grass seed germinate , as to also not having to mess around will straw bales, . :waving:

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