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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ECS_1, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. ECS_1

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    I've got a bid coming up for a right of way seeding job and i've never bid on one of these before and i was wanting to know how the pricing went on these. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. 3/4 mile long
    2. 20 ft. wide on both sides of the road.
    3. using conventional seeding methods (not hydroseeding)
  2. paul

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    What are conventional seeding methods hand or machine?
    Do you need straw or blankets?
    If straw do you need to have it tacked down or crimped in?
    Seed mix what type?
    How much grading are you going to have to do.
    Water requirements on the job?
    Is this a DOT job?
  3. ECS_1

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    This is a DOT job. I am using mechanical means. I will also be using straw, applying with a blower. There is very little to no grading. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. paul

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    Not knowing the seed mix but figuring it would be standard mix with little grading $0.35 per sq yd would put you close. most jobs this size (3.63 acres) go fast I don't know if you are going to need traffic control or other items that might increase your price.
  5. greenngrow

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    In my area the going rate is 45.00 per 1000 sq ft. or .045 cents per sq ft. At 158,122 sq ft this would run $7115.50.

    Now with DOT jobs the big boys will be putting bids. They normally run 30.00 to 25.00 per 1000.

    Hope this info helps you in your bid.
  6. stslawncare

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    another thing do u have the equipment? u said this was ur first time? dont forget to take into consideration ur expenses, straw, seed, etc etc. will u be incharge of the watering? may be equipment needed there if there arnt any hose lines in the near area.

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