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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mikey, Mar 19, 2002.

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    when u look at a lawn and there is nothin but dirt in a good sized area and the rest of a lawn look nice and green like a normal lawn.'''''usually after the winter months and the ground is warming up look.....i never laid down enormous amounts of seeds before do u really have to soak that dirted area with a ton of seeds by hand?which is the way i would do it.....but after u put the seeds down do u have to push them into the ground with some type of blunted shovel or whatever?
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    I usually applied seed at 4 lbs per m. then i work it into ground with a garden weasel . Good seed to soil contact is important. If you apply too much seed to one area it will starve out other turf, causing same problem. Keep new seed moist first week, then gradually back off water as weeks go buy. 3 times a week next, then normal watering.If doing this spring, need to get down early and keep watered to help get through summer months. Spring seeding also allow weeds to develop in those areas because can't put out pre-m or weed control until after third mowing or it will kill new seed.
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    I don't really know what type os soil you have up there, but in the south we only have heavily compacted clay. The only way to get results down here is to aerate first. Then I put down about 4lbs per thousand. No raking, no straw, nothing. If I think that there is a problem with ph or shade or crabgrass, I get the opportunity to charge a little more for other services.

    if it is a lawn that is in bad shape, you can put down a lot of cheap hay and that stuff will grow anywhere. The reason that I don't use it, is that I will not allow for that stuff to seed in one of my lawns. After 7-10 days, they need to take up the hay in order for proper sun to get in
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    if the soil is just dirt and no weeds there is a very good chance that the soil is compacted and that nothing will grow there or grass will try but keeps dying off, that or check the ph level.

    if both are fine i would rototil th soil about 3 inches then seed, apply starter fet., straw and about 12 days later wou'll be cutting depending on the weather.

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