Seeding This Late Frost Overnight, 50's During The Day

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Hineline, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Hineline

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    I put in my last lawn around the first week of Oct. but I'm still aerifying and throwing seed in thin areas. I'm hoping to get some germ this fall but does anyone think some of the seed will overwinter and germ in the spring?
  2. walkinonwater27

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    ive had a few ppl ask me to seed recently and turned them down with the cold temps. they are on my early spring list, ive learned your better off not taking a chance with seeding because of the cost and aeration takes to long to have to redo it for free. It may or may not. oct 15 my aerators get winterized. I would say rye will germ and any blue/shade seed may overwinter, ive seen people seed mid-late November to have it overwinter here.
  3. Hineline

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    I have a disclaimer that I make no guarantee on the seed germinating. I'm really only charging them cost for the seed. The main process is the aerifying right now and since things are open I figure we might as well try some seed. This is in very thin areas like mower rings around trees.
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  4. Delmarva Keith

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    If soil temps still get above around 50, it may germinate. Some of it may even live. November and December are supposed to be milder than usual so it may grow enough to make it through Winter. As you say, worth a try since you’re already there. Worth your labor inputs to spread some seed as an experiment.

    Average soil temps here are still well into the 50’s. Daytime high close to 60. My last seeding was about two weeks ago and I’m optimistic it will do ok.
  5. JMK26

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    I slice seeded a few lawns first week in October. One of those is my parent's front's coming in pretty good. Obviously water is the key....Dad's is coming in great....neighbor of dad that hasn't watered is barely germinating.
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  6. RigglePLC

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    About the same as Ohio here--4 degrees colder maybe. Only a few sprouts from test seed put in about 2 weeks ago. Almost nothing happens below about 45 degrees F.
    However, in my dormant seeding tests from a couple years ago, I found that seed sown in the cold, (even on snow), sprouted fine in the spring. The new grass arose about the date of greenup in spring. Or about 2 weeks before the normal first mowing.
    Under natural conditions, cool season grass seed falls off the seed head in the fall and survives the winter, only to sprout in the spring.

    One big advantage to late season or dormant seeding--is that there is seldom a need for irrigation.
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  7. RigglePLC

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  8. That Guy Gary

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    I planted about 1500 sq ft of TF at my place in Sept, it germinated and got to about 1.5" than a cold spell hit, first 3 weeks of Oct here were highs in the mid 50s. 15 degrees below average.

    It completely stalled. Thankfully we've had a week and a half of high 60s now and it might actually get mowed once before Winter. :laugh:

    If it's not going to warm up I'd hope it doesn't germinate now and pops in the Spring.
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