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    ok i know i ask too many damn question. but here goes another one. and by the way, if you are getting annoyed with my questions then ill bust a cap in your A$$:gunsfirin J/k:p

    My dads got a seeder machine. Im sure he'll let me use it. How do i prepare a lawn before i put the seed down? I know you can just threw grass seed on top of dry dirt and exspect it to grow. Thank you

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    Thats got to be the best way I know to get good answers.

    So I will answer in a way that is better than that deserves, "Do a search"

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Now that that is done, tell us what you want to do.
    Are you over seeding--- new seeding--- aeration. Does your Dad have a slit seeder or a drop seeder. What is your soil like and what does it need.
    Do you have a lot of weeds now or a good lawn. What kind of seed and what season.

    Tell where you are at and where you want to be when you are done.
  4. JB1

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    sounds like if your dad has a seeder , you are missing out on the best source of information.
  5. GroundUp

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    BTW my dad is not the type of person you can just walk up to and have a conversation with. he is D*ck head and has no patience. so once i start asking too many questions he'll be like "look it up" or "im busy". i avoid conversation with him entirely. not a brady bunch family over here... sad. yes. but life.

    anyway. PMLAWN. I search all the time. and i ask questions once i cant find it in search. i wouldnt be asking the questions if i didnt need answer. And to answer your questions. i dont know. i dont know the difference between over seeding and new seeding. Is aeration neccessary to seed? and its a slit seeder. soil is poor. how do i enrich soil? low amout of weeds. i dont know what kind of seeds are best for a specific season. I want to go with bluegrass though.

    btw PM I thought people might have a sense of humor thats why i put that post up there. but i guess i was wrong. i figured the "j/k" and the goofy face was enough to hint that it was a joke. So no more humor out of me. I guess them virtual bullets to the A$$ really hurt.

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    Not sure if your using the search right. Use the advance part. I just got 2250 results on "seeding".
    It appears that you are starting from scratch so the best plan would be to read. Go to Lowes or HD and look in their book section. They will have many books on Lawns from the seed makers.
    Also check out the library
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  8. PxPx

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    :angel: you got me!

    It's hard to show emotion in forums, but I knew you were joking.

    Only one more post til I can PM!!! YAY!!!!!:
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    Maybe if you tried the "ill bust a cap in your A$$" you guys would have a nice little chuckle and be able to cummunicate better. You sound like a good book on lawncare would solve all of your problems. Get in your caddy, get your lean on, and roll on down to the book store. Leave your gat in the car! Go in there and find the clearance book rack, you should be able to pick up a general lawn book for $5. It will really help. Please make sure to say "what ya looking at" when the clerk looks at you weird. We could answer all of your questions, but I am guessing you need a place to go this friday night anyway.

  10. 2menandamower

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    Don't let these guys get to you I am sure that PM was just kicking back at you. YOu have to leave the chip off your shoulder if you are going to throw out stuff like that, because it will come back on you for sure.... YOu acn check with a dealer on how to use a slit seeder or go to a rental store I am sure they will give you some advise on how to run one. Good luck to you .

    Scott:gunsfirin :gunsfirin

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