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    I hear out at the bayronto this time of year without all the rainwater running out the peace and mayaka rivers you get 100' vis out at the bayronto. I know I fish some spots in about 80' of water and I am amazed at how far down I can see the anchor rope. Not that I question vis in the keys. No doubt it is far better and more consistant there.
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    Yea it's true the best Vis in the gulf off shore is in the winter when the rivers flow and general storm runoff is at it's lowest point. I think on average vis at the Bayronto is like 25 to 50 feet.
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    LOL my perfect microclimate comes from central air, the same as everywhere else in Florida. Now I admit that since I built my home and put in native trees I am sitting in a hardwood hammock that shades everything. It was much worse building the house in the late 80's when there were no trees here.

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