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    Can anyone tell me if I can reseed my yard now. I recently built a shop and had to reseed where the dozer did some grading(this was in the fall) But of course this was all done in fresh dirt. the rest of my yard is still grass. HOw should I go about this?

    thanks for any info
  2. greenngrow

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    You need to wait until Mid-Feb.

    Sow about 6-8 pounds of turf type fescue. If have have KY 31 you need to sow it a rate of 10-15 pounds per 1000.

    Don't forget the straw.
  3. 65hoss

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    First off, you need to tell me if your area is full sun or shade area. Also, what part of the state. It changes drastically from one area to another in this state.

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