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    i have grass coming up, but doesnt seem to want to grow anymore, is there something i can put out to give it that boost i need?
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    Starter fert. 18-24-12. Hit it hard, and 3 weeks later (provided you have adequate water and the soil is kept moist) hit it again. Now, I say this on the presumption that you already ARE getting adequate water. The soil must be moist and STAY moist, consistently. If it isn't, this is the BIGGEST thing you are lacking. A;; the starter fertilizer in the world, and all the best seed in the world will do us no good if there isn't water. I'm not sure, but it seems by now, your soil temps should be right up around where you need them for germination. I wish Ray was still around here, he is right down near you, and could certailnly shed some insight on this for us.

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