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    If you visited the Jacobsen booth at the Golf Industry Show, you were overcome by orange. Maybe you even sipped some orange juice at the booth’s juice bar. Jacobsen definitely lived up to its MO for the show, which was “Orange everywhere."

    Apparently, more superintendents are seeing orange, too. In 2013, Jacobsen “took a significant share of market share,” according to President David Withers, who couldn’t reveal the exact number But Withers didn’t revel in the good news.

    “We know we don’t deserve anybody’s business,” Withers said firmly. “We have to earn everybody’s business. We have to earn every single machine we sell.”

    Withers, who took over an unstable company with problems three years ago, realizes there’s still work to be done.

    “What’s exciting to me is that more customers are considering us,” Wither said. “[They’re] giving us a chance.”

    Withers has worked for Jacobsen for 22 years in the U.S. and England — “I’ve had about every job there is,” he says — and he knows how important stability is to an operation. There was too much turnover among people in key positions at Jacobsen before Withers took over as president.

    The turnover didn’t bode well with Withers’ three B’s approach – “building” relationships, “building” a good machine and “backing” it up.

    “When you think about building relationships, how do you do that when you’re turning people over all of the time?” Withers asked. “I value stability, and I think we have managed to bring that back over the past few years.”

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