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    I had my own tiny landscape business when I was 8.I cut 8-10 lawns in my neighborhood, I forgot what I charged back then, I know it wasnt much.Anyway once I got older I worked for landscapers on and off, I eventially got into exterminating and became certified and chose that as a career, thought he money wasn't that good so I started doing landscaping on the side

    My Grandmother wanted me to cut her lawn and so I did, it was an extra $40.00 a week for me.A new neighbor moved in behind her and her lawn was in need of cutting, so she asked me if I could do it and then asked if I could come everyweek.Well I strted doing her lawn and was now making and extra $70.00 a week.
    anyway one week she requested me to do some tree work and other little task's which I did, I made about $250.00 in 5 hours worth of work then it dawned on me, Why not open up ,my own business?So I set forth to do so.

    At that time I had a 96 ford ranger 4x4 4.0 liter, it was adequate to haul my cheap home cepot landscaping equipment around.Started out with a 22 inch Rally lawn mower, homelite backpack blower "Which is garbage" a Ryobi weed whacker with hedge clipper attachment.As time went on and I got more accounts I eventially was making more money and was able to buy the top of the line equipment.I'll never forget the day I bought my Redmax EB7000, what a difference from that Homelite.

    Well anyway my company grows more and more each year and I love what I do.It is easy money and I have to answer to know one.

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