Seeking advice for bidding on a Strata in Pitt Meadows, BC

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rrfk, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I have a one-man lawn and garden maintenance company in Pitt Meadows. I have recently been asked to do a bid for a 25-unit strata in which a member of my church owns a unit.

    The current groundskeeper is an elderly owner and wants to retire from the position. He estimates that he puts in about 8 manhours avg/per week on keeping the common areas mowed,16 beds (3'x5') weeded and cedar hedges (30@8ft, 90@4-5ft) and approx 20 rhodo/azaleas pruned twice per year.

    My question is: What is the typical hourly rate companies bill to stratas in this area? Would $1100/m over 12 month period put me out of the race? I would include all gardening materials (mulch, seed, turf, herbicides, etc) as part of the quote...

    please advise
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    oh, I just realizes I posted this in the wrong board.
    Moderators, please delete this topic. I will post on proper board

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