seeking advice on broken belt

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  1. jakespeed

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    bought a fastrak sd 10 months ago for residential use

    this past weekend the belt broke at 31 hrours

    aside from the break the belt had no damage, nor did the pulleys

    are there any known concerns that might promote belt breakage

    i read the specs on belt spring tensioning which offer an inch of variance

    do you guys find belts run longer when tighter or looser

    belts don't come cheap, any advice will be appreciated
  2. hustlermidwest

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    Belt breakage will tell a story sometimes. If it's a clean cut that normally tells me you hit something hard and that snaps the belt. If it has funny wear patterns it tells me pulley alinement and if it breaks in layers that's something else. A belt will stretch a bit after some use. I normally tell homeowners to check the belt adjustment in June or July and re-adjust. Normally after this first adjustment there is no need for further adjustment for a while, BUT keep and eye on them.
    With belt adjustments it's like the three little bears. Too tight is no good, too loose is no good. Keeping in the range of the spec's is just right!

    Brian O
  3. catfish1954

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    I would suggest cleanng the top of deck every day, and check the tightness of the belt after several hours your belt will strench some,,,those belts get real hot.

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