Seeking advice on the Toro Grandstand

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcass50, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. lawnkingforever

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    I have the Toro ocdc on my Grandstand. Very easy to use and install. I like the utility bag that mounts below the control lever. my acceleratorbagger can be put on with the ocdc in place. The ocdc can be set to fully open, closed or half way. There are 2 main reasons I use it.

    1. In the fall for leaves. It is nice to be able to have an option to mulch leaves instantly then go back to side discharge or bagging.

    2. To keep grass out of beds and other areas. I also use it if I am mowing near vehicles or roads.

    With that being said, do not expect a high quality finished product with this. This is not a mulching kit and will leave strips of grass in even moderate growth. But it is very functional for the times you need to use it.
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  2. joemower

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    I have been using GS's since 2009 and absolutely love them. We have 2 48"s, 1 52'', and one 60''. Three of them have mulching kits installed and one has a Power Chute OCDC installed. We prefer using the ones with the mulching kits for they really do a nice clean job. I wouldn't waist the money on anything smaller than a 48'' unless you really need one and don't mind spending money. Get out and test just may like it. Give yourself some time get use to them because there is a bit of learning curve.
  3. clayslandscape

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    I have seen some threads tear the 40" Grandstand up. They say it is not worth it due to clumping and such. Is this so? Thanks!
  4. clayslandscape

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    Do you know anyone with a 40"? How did they like it? Have you demoed one? I want one but am second guessing it due to people saying it clumps a great deal.
  5. yardguy28

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    i know my 52" grandstand doesn't clump.

    i've seen threads on toro's 40" walkbehind that clumps.

    from what i understood the threads, it's more of the deck size itself not really the whole piece of equipment. you could have any brand in a 40" and it would clump is my understanding.
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    I have a 54 and a 60. 54 is 2010 with 250 hrs and 60 is 2011 with 500 hrs. Both are remarkable machines. as for the handling capabilities and comfort that have been mentioned, It all depends on the operator's abilities and preferences. I have back problems and this is by far better than any other mower I have run (I have run just about every style and brand over the years) I mow as steep of a slope as is possible without trimming by hand around some retention ponds I have with these machines. they can hold them while going almost full speed as long as the grass is dry. We'll see how well they do as the tires wear. As for price, I paid less for both of mine than retail because they were Toro Demos trade show demos which has less than 15 hrs on them but had never cut a full lawn. The pricing for the new models I researched was quite comprable to similar models. the retail for the 54 was around 7900 and the 60 about 9800. overall, great machines!

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