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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mmsd, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I am thinking about starting a mowing service need advice. The local dealers are Toro, Deere, Cub, Xmark, Simplicity & Bob Cat. My game plan is to buy ZT 44" - 48" and a walk behind . Will be mowing lots sized 75'x150' up to 2 acres. I live in the mid-west so this will be seasonal work 6 - 7 months a year. What ZT do you suggest? Also I can price a small yard time wise, but what would an average time be for say a 1.5 acre lot with average size house and garage using a 44 - 48" zt
    Thank's MMSD

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    everyone here will give you a different answer about which mower is the best. get what you like they are all good and they all cost about the same.its a personal preferance thats all. as for time wise it a depends how it is laid out,alot of obsticales or wide open will make a big differance in the time. Also i looked at your profile and you are 45 and just starting what did you do before?
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    Clark Lawn is right, we will all give you different answers so here is mine. A scag, tough, dependable, and they stripe beautifully.You can't price a lawn by lot size, unless of course the lot you are cutting is nothing but grass. It's all the detailed shite that takes up the time. At all of my accounts it's the usual cut, trim, blow and then we weed and cultivate beds, cut out any dead wood or suckers from plants, or ornamentals...... My 1.5 acre lots I get about $250.00 -$275.00 per week.

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    I would hate to do an acre or 2 with a 44" mower.
    Your lots are more than likely flat, Ill, so get a 60" Z and a 44" W/B or maybe a 36" if the yards are hard to get into.

    Not sure why you can not price big lots if you can price small, your mowers go the same speed, you trim at the same speed and edge at the same speed so just measure it all and plug in your numbers. about the only difference would be the walk around time to do trimming
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    best thing is to demo until you find what you like . then ask about the outdrives , dont get the cheap ones . also when you bid do it according to your region not these guys on here including me . i might get 50. an acre and then joe a county away can get 100. .

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