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Seeking input on setting up enclosed trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by John C Stevens, Apr 8, 2001.

  1. John C Stevens

    John C Stevens LawnSite Member
    from MA
    Messages: 9

    I was wondering if any other commercial LCOs have any tips or ideas on setting up a 28 foot enclosed trailer. I thought that if I could set up a small workstation,racks,fuel safes, as well as store and transport equipment, I might be able to increase my efficiency. Sincere Thanks in advance,John
  2. GrassRoots Landscaping

    GrassRoots Landscaping LawnSite Member
    Messages: 7

    I needed a portable workstation too. To store my backpack blowers I've used caribeaners(sp.) to hang them from and straped them in using a tie down. For my edgers and trimmers, TrimmerTrap has a great product. It quickly holds 4 trimmers safely. For my hedgers, I went to the local hardware store and picked up some 4" PVC pipe, cut it to the lengths I needed and presto, a very effective and inexpensive transporter. For small hand tools and gas cans, I've used the basic milk crate bolted to the wall. Don't forget to mount fire extinguishers at every entrance.

    Good luck.
  3. bam

    bam LawnSite Senior Member
    from .
    Messages: 261

    Our wells cargo already come fully loaded with trimmertraps, 2 blower trimmertraps, a 6'+- mesh bin, good for gas cans, oil, mix, hedge trimmers, etc. and then the wrap around cabinet in front with a flat shelf. I bungy a 3 gal. sprayer to the shelf, and find the cabinets, useless because of their size, except to maybe store a small toolbox. If you put the oil or grease in the cabinet they have a tendency of banging around until they make a mess, so I prefer keeping them in the side mesh bin. There is also a toolrack to hold spades, rakes, etc.

    If your building the inside from scratch, I would get trimmertrap for your stickedger, trimmer(s), and the other type to hold your blower(s). Then two shelves, up front, gives versatility to store toolboxes, or backpack sprayers, extra blades, trimmer line. I find the mesh bin very useful, as long as its mounted high enough, so you can maneuver your mowers. And, with that size trailer, find something to hold your small tools, just remember to put a strap over them, so they don't fly off the wall when you turn.
  4. John C Stevens

    John C Stevens LawnSite Member
    from MA
    Messages: 9

    THANKS GUYS--Gigantic help already!!
    Sincerely appreciated as well......JOHN
  5. Guido

    Guido LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,087

    Sit down when your relaxing (if you get the chance ;) ) and get a pad and paper and try to remember all the things in the past you once said: "I wish I had that in the truck/trailer" and thats what you should have in there. Think of everything that can go wrong on a job site and try to keep the parts and tools needed to repair the problem with you.

    If you prepare for the worst, you'll ALWAYS be ready!

    The main thing with setting it up is so that its functional. No one can decide how to do that as good as you because you know what equipment you have, what order you take it off the trailer, etc.

    The most important thing with storing everything in your enclosed trailer is like someone already said, make sure its secured or tied down.

    For a hand tool box, I would have to suggest one of those craftsman rollaway top or middle sections. And be sure to get the foam inserts so you can cut out the spaces for tools. This will prevent them from becoming a disaster area after a few turns or quick stops.

    Good Luck, and post some pics when your done with it all!
  6. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,205

    green touch industries also makes some nice racks for enclosed trailers. http://www.green-touch.com i bought a 2 place trimmer rack, wheel chock mower hold downs and a back pack rack. they are specially made for enclosed trailers. they also make gas can holders and hedge trimmer holders. check out their stuff. pretty nice stuff.
  7. Acute Cut

    Acute Cut LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 980

    old post i know, but new idea.

    Want to know how to best use every square inch of an enclosed trailer? Have a couple 10 year old boys do it. Remember as kids when we had forts? We had the coolest spots for EVERYTHING!
    Leave it to the ingenuity...........

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