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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1966vette, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. 1966vette

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    I live in Kokomo, IN & I’m trying to over seed an acre of grass this fall with the best KBG I can find for my application.

    Last spring, I planted 175# of a KBG Blend of: NuDestiny, Midnight, Impact, Bewitched & Beyond.

    These so called “elite” KBG provided disappointing results on my lawn to date.

    I have yet to see any benefit to this type of “elite” KBG seed because the
    crabgrass took over much of the newly seeded areas.

    These grasses grow very slow & very low to the ground.

    Last weekend I sprayed Drive 75, Trimec and a surfactant on the entire acre.
    Most of the weeds are showing signs of dying.
    Thus, I’m getting the soil ready for a fall over seeding with KBG.

    I’m seeking a 100% KBG lawn w/o all the fuss of “elite cultivars”.
    I do not want a slow & low growing lawn that requires pampering!

    This is my criteria for an excellent KBG lawn:

    1. Fast germination (< 21 days ~17 days preferred) & high yield germination rates (>85%)

    2. Grow vertical & quickly – I want to cut the lawn at 31/2”. I do not have a problem cutting the lawn more than once a week.

    3. Very aggressive spread rate – fills in bare spots & keep weeds out

    4. Can stand a little drought – I only have 3 faucets, 400’ of hose and 6 sprinkles

    5. Medium to dark green in color - I’m willing to compromise here

    6. Medium fertilizer requirements – I’m willing to fertilize twice a year.

    Please recommend a KBG blend that meets most of the above criteria.

    Thanks in advance for helping!
  2. TJ LAWN

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    If you have not...Check out of info on seed...Fast germination and KGB dont go together...You might want to consider mixing in some rye..Their are many Very good ryes out there that go great with KGB..Also, KGB needs more than 2 Ferts a year...
  3. 1966vette

    1966vette LawnSite Member
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    I'm OK w/ additional fertilization & 21 days germination but then I want the grass to take off and start growing! The "elite seed” that I planted grows so slowly some of it has yet to require mowing. I have been told that all of the “elite” seed that I planed was a compact type and it can be cut at ½” - 2”.

    I’m seeking a KBG that will quickly grow to ~4” and be cut at 31/2”.
    Does anyone have a recommendation?

    Thanks Again!
  4. TJ LAWN

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    Midnight2..Nu-density, Barron,......
  5. TJ LAWN

    TJ LAWN LawnSite Member
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    Bedazzled, Blue Velvet.....
  6. bigslick7878

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  7. EastCoast

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    I don't think 100% KBG is the way to go. This spring I seeded 80% Bedazzled KBG and 20% Perenial Rye and my lawn looks amazing even with the hot weather we have had in the Northeast this summer.

    Try Seed SuperStore... great selection of seed to choose and customize.
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  8. 1966vette

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    I did the math on a 80% KBG & 20% Rye Mix

    KBG=1,788K seed / lb or 97%
    Rye=53K seeds / lb or 3%

    Will you even be able to notice the Rye after a year?
    How long will it take before the KBG over takes the Rye?

  9. wyoming lawn service

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    I say ditch the kbg and go with a high quality tttf. Grows long and needs less water. Faster germination. Get a spreading variety or tttf/kbg mix. Scotts has one with tttf and hybrid blue grass.

    Based on Ohio states recommendation I rennovated with blend of tttf. One of my varieties is sidewinder which is a new spreading type.
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  10. RigglePLC

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    Be patient, 1966,
    I think you were right to use the top quality blend you selected. Its sod quality. About right for a major league baseball field. However, it takes about 18 months to grow good sod. And sod fields are usually on excellent soil, heavily irrigated, heavily fertilized and the weeds are sprayed often. And they are seeded in fall so crabgrass can be easily controlled. You don't want rye--not suited for over 90 degrees. Don't screw it up by adding rye.

    My suggestions. Apply fert (include slow release) when crabgrass slows down--about when night temp first hits 45. Apply additional fert when crab is killed by frost. Additional fert about 30 days later. Get your bluegrass growing and spreading. Include weed control for winter annuals in October. Naturally, include crabgrass control in spring. Apply a second crabgrass control about 6 to 8 weeks later. You used some truly excellent bluegrasses--let them do their thing. Ya got thoroghbred race horses, now you got to give em oats. Lots of oats.

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