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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by triadncman, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. triadncman

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    I am going into business this year and looking to buy first ZTR mower. I live in Greensboro, NC. I have shopped around and read alot here. I have narrowed it down to these 4 choices and am just seeking opinions from the lawnsite community at large.
    Here are the four mowers im considering along with price ive been quoted and distance to dealer.

    1.) Exmark Lazer Z HP....52"/23hp Kaw....$7100....30 miles
    2.) Grasshopper 200......52"/20hp Koh.....$6700....30 miles
    3.) Toro Z 100 ...........52"/19hp Kaw....$6550.....10 miles
    4.) D C X2001-50..........50"/20hp Koh.....$7200.....25 miles

    Based on this information what would you choose buying your first ZTR?

    Thanks Alot
  2. J&R

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  3. bruces

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    I would go with the Exmark over the Toro for the extra $550.

    Even though the dealer is 20 miles further, you shouldn't have to visit the dealer very often. Buy filters, blades (if you are getting them there) etc. that you think you will need. I have had my Z back to the dealer once in the year I've had it for a muffler recall.

    I have the Toro Z100 w/ 19hp Kaw. I like it, but for the extra money, I would go with the extra HP of the Exmark.

    I have no experience with the Dixie or Grasshopper so have no guidance on them.
  4. IBGreen

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  5. 65hoss

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    eXmark:blob4: eXmark:blob4: eXmark:blob4:
  6. triadncman

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    I appreciate the input, Thanks alot
  7. bob

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    Exmark and the Kawasaki engine is the best choice.
  8. triadncman

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    Appreciate the help from all of you

  9. johnhenry

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    dixie:blob3: dixie:blob3: dixie:blob3:
  10. Ed Ryder

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    Have you checked out the Lesco? The 60 inch is $6195 for a 25 horsepower Kawasaki with canister air filter. Goes a little over 10 mph, carries 13 gallons of gas, drives nice. The 52 inch is a little less - I think $5995.

    I'd like to get one, but my local Lesco dealers have no mechanics. My repair guy is trying to push a ZT-223 Bobcat on me for $6795. This has a 60" deck, 23 horsepower Kawasaki, stores 9.5 gallons of gas, goes 8 mph, and has maintenance free spindles. 8 mph seems fast enough for me.

    I like my mechanic. He treats me very well and jumps on my problems quick. So I'm leaning towards the Bobcat, although I think the Lesco is the better machine.:dizzy:

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