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I have been in the lawn fertilization business for about 10 years now and I am considering entering into the plowing business next season. I have been gathering much information throughout your discussion topics and think that these forums are great ways for everyone to learn. Currently I use enclosed 2wd box trucks and take them off the road during the winter months. I am entirely new to the plowing business. I was wondering if Toyota or Nissan trucks are capable/reliable at plowing small scale areas. Thanks for your input.


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Toyota and Nissan makes very reliable trucks in my opinion. The only concern I would have would be the weight on the front end. If you stick with a lighter plow the truck will probably carry it OK. Also recommend dual batteries to help electrical drain.<br>These trucks are best suited for driveways due to their small size. Small commercials shoudn't be a problem either.<p>I have never plowed with this is only my best guess...<p>Dave


I would visit the truck manufacturers dealerships and talk to them about plowing<br>with different trucks. The main thing<br>is the truck must be designed with a snow<br>plow package - in other words the manufacturer knows or says hey you can plow<br>with this truck. Snowplow prep usually has<br>stronger front springs, dual batteries,<br>heavy duty trans cooler and some other things<br>for plowing. My preference is a 1 ton diesel. It fits in driveways for me.<br>With a heavy pro plow any job is easy.<br>In my opinion the more heavy duty the<br>easier your work will be on the truck.<br>Hey it snows every year - a good 1 ton<br>will go through alot of profitable seasons.<br>Or buying used and getting a good deal<br>is what I did. The truck paid for itself.<br>bill<br>

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