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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Apr 7, 2006.

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    So I'm finished up, hop in my truck ready to leave and oh, some guy parks his car in front of the truck at an angle and gets out.
    I knew what he wanted and the parking bit didn't set me off, but it didn't help.
    Yup, sure enough... Starts talking lawnwork (actually, asks me if that's what I do). Starts off with this bit about some mulch and leaving an estimate in his mailbox and lalala... 8 to 10 cubic yards.
    I'm like yeah right and gave him the price right there, 10 yards delivered and spread 425. Now this guy is a typical lowballer, he even had me going after 4 years, they still do it to me sometimes. I don't know exactly how they do it, but here I am lowballing and I had not caught myself. I realized it should've been 450 but I'm still able and willingly going along with this bs, not fully aware of myself.
    Him, like a typical lowballer, can't take well enough and leave it alone because it's never good enough. 425 was a really good price and had he said YES right then and there, I would've fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
    But, no (luck is on my side somedays).
    Now he tells me he can just order his own mulch because he can get 10 cubic yards delivered for 239, how much would I like to get for spreading.

    I'm sitting here thinking, this guy's a moron. If I charge as little as 20 dollars / yard, that's my 200 in labor plus 239 = 439 dollars vs. the 425 I quoted him for doing it all myself, and THAT's when it finally hit me! Oh now I was onto him, I knew now what I had done when I quoted the 425, I finally realized I'm falling for this guy's stupid game.

    The least I spread my own mulch for is 25/ yard, and I get 25 to deliver it. It's not great money for the delivery but don't cut me on the delivery money because that's easy work, plus I don't spread opp because if they say it's 10 yards they ordered, how do I know when I look at the pile that it's really 10 yards (and not 12).

    But now I was onto his game.
    I quoted him 30 dollars / yard.
    It was over, he did say he could get it done a lot cheaper, to which I replied he should.
    Then he moved his car, and I could leave.

    Well, would you have spread the mulch for 15-18 / yard, if he ordered it?
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    is my name bobbygedd?

    GEO :dizzy:
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    No, but I can do it, too ! :laugh:
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    READ, your own post! You counterdicted your ownself 3 TIMES on your own price in your own post :dizzy:

    First you say $425, then you say it should have been $450 and then you say you get $25 to spread and another $25 to deliver so that is $50 a yard and at 10 yards that is $ always you and your idiotic post are full of crapola.......dang, give me BoobyGedd anyday over you..... :dizzy:
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    I don't understand why and how you can quote a mulch price without first seeing the beds....are they wide open easy spreading? Full of plants to work around? On a steep slope?
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    I picked up on what you were putting down there topsites.

    I've ran into that about a billion times around here, because there is always some lazy looser with a dumptruck who is advertising a dumptruck load of mulch delivered for dirt cheap. And 9 times out of 10 it's garbage quality mulch or tree trimming chipper waste... stuff like that.

    I just give them my per yard rate for their specific site layout and mulch choice... plus material and delivery. Then when they start jabbin about getting the materials delivered themselves and getting me to install it, here is how I diffuse the situation...

    "Well, there are a few things you need to realize and consider about that type of arrangement. I don't have any idea what sort of quality that mulch is going to be, and I would be surpised if you know either. So I can't go into the job knowing I can deliever the quality and appearance you are looking for because I am at the mercy of the quality of mulch. Plus I also like to avoid working an install from a material pile. It takes twice as long and I have to handle every shred of it twice. Plus you have the inconvience of having a material pile in your lawn or driveway that will be in the way, look bad and someone will have to clean up after it. So I would have to charge you pretty much the same thing I already quoted to come out on the job due to the extra work involved in doing it that way. You would actually come out ($239) cheaper by just hiring me to handle the whole job for you not not be bothered with it."

    Most will insist my install price is too much and it's too much to do it my way.
    At that point, I just tell them "well you ought to just have them come out and dump you a load in your driveway and then you can just install it yourself and save the money on the labor."
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    I had this same thing happen to me the other day. A lady asked me for a price over the phone. I kept telling her i would need to see the job. But she kept insisting on a price. Then she tells me that she would have the mulch delivered ( 6yrds ) and i only needed to spread it. I told her 150.00 and that was just to spread, no cleaning out the flower beds or weed pulling. she said well, there might be a few weeds. I said, well this is why i really need to come look at the job. She said well that seems like a fair price, and i reminded her that was only for spreading. She says she will get back to me.
    My question though is this. when a customer has their own mulch delivered and they tell you it's 6 yrds. How do you really know it's 6yrds and not 7? Should 1 ask to see the delivery reciept before starting? Or would that not be very professional?
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    $425.00 for 10 yards of mulch delivered and spread. Damn thats way cheap. :hammerhead:

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