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Say what you will but, ….but the truth is out there.

Garden gnomes.

Yup, very late at night those harmless little ceramic garden gnomes come to life. They gather in packs, travel two by two and sometimes you can hear their faint little squeaky voices singing songs of joy – whistle while you work, and my sharona. …my, my, my, my sharona. Please. Give me a break.

Anyway, they take what seams to be harmless pieces of metal (in your case some aluminum shavings) and make gold out of it. A clever person might stay awake, waiting and watching for them to appear. Then, follow them back unnoticed (easier said than done) and discover were they hide their gold. Few have lived to tell about it.

I can prove they exist too.

Why do stores mark them down and put them on clearance? Sell’em for cheap? Easy, they’re trying to get rid of them, they know they don’t want ‘em. Unsuspecting consumers purchase these nasty little things every day. Not knowing the dangers that exist.

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night and thought you stubbed your toe on a bedpost,. …heard a pop and felt a sharp pain. That means you’re close to catching them in the act. Yup. It wasn’t the bedpost, it was a tiny little hammer swinging though the air striking your toe. They try for the pinky toe but they’re not the best shots. And that pop sound you hear. It’s really the hammer swinging though the air so fast it makes an air clap sound, like thunder.

Beware of the garden gnomes. Don’t knock ‘em over, ….or else.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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