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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mrusk, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. mrusk

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    I am in the process of designing/pricing out a job where I know we will need 2 1000 gal seepage tanks. I never installed them before. The tank company told em I need 2' of stone all around the tanks. Do I also need 2' of stone under the tanks also?

    Once we finsh the plan it gets stamped by a engineer and he draws all the details in. I am just trying to get the pricing close, so the client can see where the plan is at before we finish it.
  2. AWJ Services

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    I have installed quite a few tanks but I am not sure what a seepage tank is?

    The soil type will matter and if the tank is sitting on undisturbed soil or not. The smaller tanks are much more structually sound and are tolerable to an uneven load distrubution under the base where the large tanks are always set on a gravel footing if I do it. If finacially feeasable I would set the tanks on gravel.
  3. srl28

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    Around here, probably. Might as well factor it into the price for now.
  4. wellbuilt

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    Ive done a bunch of 1000gal tanks in bergen county.
    We where required to install a 1000gal tank when ever we built a addition over 100 sf .
    My standard price was $2800 dollars and would include the tank gravel filter cloth and piping from the leaders to the tank .
    we would dig a square hole 8x8x8 and use 12" of gravel on the bottom .
    Peerless tank would drop the tank in the hole and we would wrap the sides of the hole with filter cloth and dump the 2" stone on top .
    Most inspectors would take the receipts for the tank and gravel and look at the site where the tank was installed , no visual inspection was necessary .
    The tanks could go any where on the property 10' from the property line and 10; from the house.
    Some times the tanks would be on my site plan with the foundation specs some times the towns just added a letter and we can drop it in where ever. The tanks where just a small part of a large job

  5. mrusk

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    Thanks. This job is in bergen county. Do you have any tips or sources for finding a place to dump 30 tandems of fill dirt in bergen?
  6. wellbuilt

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    You could try the golf courses this time of year.
    Ive had alot of luck with paramus golf course.
    There is a wast management company in sloatsburg ny 14 minutes from ridge wood on rt 17 i cant remember the name but i will find it .
    sanzary road construction will take some dirt if he has a road project going on. He was working on rt4 and rt17 for 10 years
    There is another guy called the dirt peddler
    Ive had good luck on craigslist ( free dirt delivered to site) .
    The seepage pit installs have been adding alot of dirt to the area its getting hard to move it .
    Ive started working in NY and haven't worked in BC since 06 .

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