Seeping Hydro Oil??????


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nashville tn
Hello guys can you tell me if theres any way to stop the hydro oil from seeping around the tank It is like a residue that comes out and when I wipe it off the next day after i run it it appears again. I also have abobcat hydro wb that does this too the dealer said it was no big deal and that all of them do this. What causes this??? BY THE WAY IT IS A CHARIOT SR. THANKS!!!


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As the oil heats up it expands and takes up more room in the tank, it also is constantly moving as it is pumped, movement over rough terrain causes the oil to slosh aound, air bubbles burst on the oil surface and all of this causes some oil to mix with the air and escapes from the vent and it falls to the top of the tank. It is harmless.


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