Segway app. machine of the future?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vegomatic40, Oct 27, 2006.

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    I was having a few cool ones at a local watering hole and struck up a conversation with a rep. for Segway. When the machine debuted in 2002 I paid little notice to it. A few years ago utility companies began buying and/or leasing beefier models for meter reading etc. and appear to quite practical for their uses. I watched one guy that had to weigh in at close to 200 lb., go "billy goat" right up a hill with at least a 8 degree slope with no problem up or down.
    The rep. said that they were likely using the new "XT" model with larger tires, better ground clearance and longer lasting batteries that can go up to 10 miles/day(I forgot to ask if they can charge from a truck). They currently also offer a "GT" model that is designed for golfers, complete with a rack for the clubs. He also added that the Segway think-tank engineers are designing other types for niche markets since the mass appeal they originally expected never really took off. Any ideas? Would this work with a spreader on the front? Drag a hose? Need a beer holder?
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    LOL It's funny you mention this...The secretary for the A.D (Athletic Director) for a school system that I do thought that was what I was on when she drove out and saw me on a baseball field one was a PG. :)
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    I was thinking of getting one for door hangers in the spring. They also have a billboard option for the front. These things still get eye appeal.

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