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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by sehitchman, Mar 7, 2015.

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    That IS a lot of work for a one man show. Looking nice !!! How you like that power wheelbarrow ? Happy Thanksgiving :waving:
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    How I rolled yesterday, 32 bop mulch, 32 bop bag, 52 Toro walk behind & 48" Evolution 11 yards plus 20160629_082701.jpeg
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    I've been carrying all the hand tools in the cage, which makes it useless for other needs. Seems like the rakes are always tangled up with each other and the shovels. So, finally completed my tool rack, also removable! 20161016_165424_resized.jpg 20161016_165441_resized.jpg
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    Awesome trailer and pics! How did the trailer benefit you working, is it very productive or cost saving? Or both..?

    The drainage work looks great. How did you get into that? Really would like to do the same. Have a lot of yards i maintain that have drainage issues.
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    Nearly all my work comes from referrals, I've never advertised, just hand out cards when asked. Also Inzane live close and we trade work frequently, a good network of other pro's in the industry is a benefit. My plus business has been mostly from existing customers and buying equipment to be more efficient, rather than more help. I've managed people my entire life, and would rather work with a machine. A good trailer has saved me hours, by having equipment with me. Quickly changing its use, I know I always hesitated taking on pruning and trimming jobs, there was no space on the trailer. Loading from the side was impossible with trimmer racks in the way, so I know I overpriced many jobs. I hated taking on small yards or the ones with a terrace or steep hill. The side gate now gives me quick access to a smaller mower, so translating to better price, less exhaustion, and easy access to tools, and more jobs each day. The ladder rack has been great, it's there, but not in my way.
    As for the drainage, I was blessed with farmer father and grandfather. They did everything themselves and I was there asking questions, running equipment and handing tools from an early age. I was taught how to solve problems and that there is a tool for everything. Nearly every property here has some sort of drainage problem. I make suggestions and frequently get hired. Plus, the big companies don't even want to give a quote on small jobs or even call back. As the economy gets better the next 4-8 years, I think if you were ever going to invest in your business, now is the time. Cheap financing and inflation has not quite kicked in yet.
    sorry for the long message, not much to do with cold and rain.
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    Great work great trailer great thread

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    I need to build ladder racks like you did. Pretty slick
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    I've been doing a bunch of trimming, pruning and brush hauling. I had a 4X4 foot angle iron frame, with corner supports that stick up about 6" it was part of the shipping pallet when my dingo chipper arrived. I found that hooking a chain to it, and throwing a pallet on top, makes a great debris removal tool. I back up to my dump area, fold the gate, which gets it out of the way and a much increased down angle. Hook the chain to a tree and drive off. It pulls 90% of the crap off the trailer quickly. Sorry, don't have a picture handy.
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    Its been awhile, very busy season. This was a quick job for a customer, I think it's being fixed up for a sale.
    Side Gate use for high curb sod install
    Rear trailer curb ramps using the plastic deck squares, the drive entrance was another 100' up the street.
    My labor saver, toting rolls of sod, 150'
    The turf protection at the gate restriction, using plastic deck tiles again. They were bought at a salvage place for like a pack of 12 for $5. I also use these for my Dingo, they are holding up well.
    The job, which also included, 24 bales of pine straw, trimming 6 trees and felling three. Trimming shrubs and 3 yards of mulch, and 350 sf of sod.

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    Looks nice!

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