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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jlin428, Feb 6, 2013.

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    :drinkup::drinkup: Hi everyone! :drinkup::drinkup:

    I am some-what new to these forums. Some of you might have seen the other threads I started, one seeking general start-up advice, the other looking for info on spring cleanups.

    For some background, long story short I am starting up a small lawncare/lawn mowing business this summer which I will continue to build over the years. By small, I mean working solo and using non-professional equipment (for now) due to my budget.

    I am looking for some help in selecting a trailer! I have done some research looking at different trailer sizes and what not, but I really have no knowledge of how I should go about choosing one.

    Here's what I have, what I plan/considering getting will be marked with a (*):
    Vehicle: 2001 Hyundai Tiburon (yes I know, I need a truck but I cannot afford one at the time) Im sure ill catch a bunch of sh!^ for using a car, but I gotta do what I gotta do for now. Hopefully I can upgrade my vehicle next season. I need my car now for my current job which I plan on working throughout the summer.
    Specs =
    Equipment: Push Mower, String Trimmer, Leaf Blower*, Edger*?, Brooms*, Rakes*, Organic Fertilizer Spreader*, Other various tools*

    Next year I will hopefully have enough to purchase a commercial grade mower, possibly a walk-behind or a zero-turn if I get lucky this season.

    Like I said, I will be using the Tiburon this year for certain, I think I will go with a smaller trailer and upgrade next year once I can upgrade my vehicle... Until then, I need something small enough for my car to tow, yet big enough to be able to hold all of my equipment. I can use the inside of my car to transport some equipment that cant fit on the trailer if necessary.

    I appreciate all input, but please withhold suggestions like wait until next season or just get hired by somebody else for now... This is something I am set on doing! Thumbs Up

    :drinkup::drinkup::drinkup::drinkup: Thanks! :drinkup::drinkup::drinkup::drinkup:
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    My advice, buy a truck! Seriously from reading your other threads and having an idea of what you equipped with, the first thing you need over a new mower is a truck.

    Other than that, I couldnt find your cars towing capability. I'd go with the smallest trailer I could get and still fit everything on it. If I remeber you just have a push mower so I see no reason to get more than a small 5x8, and a mesh floor would make it even lighter. Im not basing this recommendation on what is best for your business, but on what is best for your car. I think if you buy a trailer with a 3,500lb axle and start putting 2-3 yards of mulch on it your car will not last.

    I wont recommend this to you, because Id hate for you to do this and then the lawn care thing not work out for you. If it were me, I'd sell my car and get a 1/2 ton truck, atleast a little Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma. Trucks are typically easier to get loans for than mowers. I realize that is a lot of commitment, but the opportunities that opens up are wide open. You can upgrade eventually to a 16ft tailer and care 7 or 8 yards of mulch at once. You can do leaf removal, haul plants/debri, etc.

    You may be able to trade your car in and/or get a cosigner. I know you said you need your car for a current job. I would be better to keep your current job and make do than buy a truck, but if a truck works for both Id think about it.

    Find out the towing capacity and tongue capacity (this is usually on your hitch or bumper somewhere) of your car and trailer hitch, if you can safely haul atleast 3,500lbs I'd change my advice a bit.
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    not trying to be an ass ,but you dont have much equipment ,any chance it could go in your trunk ? if money is an issue ,pulling a trailer you had to purchase will definately cost more than shoving your junk,in the trunk .
  4. Deererunner

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    Where you from? I have a 4x6 trailer I'm selling that should tow fine behind your car.
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  5. KrayzKajun

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    Only advice i have: FWD cars are not meant to tow anything. Get into an accident, even if your not a fault yur gunna pay big.
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    Thanks for all your advise man, you are really helping me out with all your input on my threads, I really appreciate it.

    A ranger is exactly what I am looking for. I used to have a 2000 Silverado with an extended bed (only vehicle I could find within my budget at the time), would have been perfect for now but the only thing is that it went through gas like crazy and I literally could not afford it. $100/week.

    My other job I am working is a delivery driver, so i need something that can get good gas mileage. That job, along with transportation to school and other stuff ended up putting 35k miles on my car last year. I understand there is a huge difference between a Silverado and a Ranger, but that whole chevy situation set me back financially for a few months and left a bad taste in my mouth regarding using trucks for delivery.

    My only problem is money. I have about 1k start-up money, and don't have equipment (besides a used homeowner-grade push mower and used homeowner-grade string trimmer). A truck would be nice and is something I really should have, but if I cant afford equipment, I cant do any work.

    Keep in mind, I only plan on using my car for this for just this first year. If I can afford to upgrade to a ranger half-way through that would be even better, but money is the issue like i previously stated. I'm not willing to risk losing money from my delivery job until I am somewhat stable in the lawn care field because the delivery job is my safety net in case the lawn business doesn't go that well.

    Thanks again for all your input though man, I really appreciate it. Thumbs Up

    I don't take it as you being an ass by any means. I am open to all forms of feedback. I have thought of using my trunk, but the thing is that I have a subwoofer installed in my trunk that takes up a good amount of room, and to be honest I would rather not uninstall it because I like it so much. Also, I think that having to lift a mower in and out of my car plus equipment and having to clean it out all the time sounds like it is more hassle than it's worth.

    Thanks for the advice though, it is something I will consider if trailers are too expensive.

    I'm from Connecticut and I am definitely interested. I sent you a message on your public profile, I don't know how to send private messages on this site yet haha.

    Yea I know its not what they are meant for, but I don't own a money tree and gotta make do with what I have. I talked to my insurance company about getting a trailer for it and they said it would be street legal with my current insurance and they didn't advise me against it or anything. Keep in mind its just for a year, definitely will be upgrading next year.

    Thanks for the warning though!
  7. Jlin428

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    Ended up going with this bad boy. Its a 4x8 build your own kit, $389 (with $40 automatically taken off and free shipping). Ill post a review on it at some point after I get it and build it.

    Figure its big enough to fit all of my stuff on it and not have to worry about using the inside of my car.

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