Selecting mower for bad back


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Creve Coeur, MO
I have been sidelined the last two months with back problems. I cannot afford more off time. I need a mower that will be easiest on my back.(As little jarring and twisting as possable.) Any suggestions? I am buying a new mower, so I'm not married to one type.<p>thanks,<br>Steve


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It would seem to me that the Ferris IS- Independant Suspension would be worth taking a look at. That machine along with a soft-ride seat should provide as smooth of a ride as your going to get.


Does anyone have a Gravely 260Z? It has what seems to be a very nice spring suspension seat. Maybe some of you veterans can elaborate on what options are out there for comfy seats, and who to contact. Thanks.


Springfield, IL
I second Lazer's opinion. Not only will you be most comfortable, you will have a very nice machine. If Chicago isn't too far away for you to buy one, email me and I'll give you the contact information ~$7136 out the door. I doubt you will find many prices like this, from my experience.<p>John


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Central Florida
Steve I used to run a Grasshopper 720K. It did a great job, my back hurt all the time. I had to put it in the shop once, so I borrowed my brothers Scag walk behind. I ran it five days. My back stoped hurting. Got my mower back, a few days later, you guesse it. Back pain. Two weeks later, We traded mowers for two weeks. No more pain. I sold my Hopper and tried walking.Legs were not impressed, but my back liked it.Later on I bought a Walker. Better seat posture, I think. Iv'e had it 15 months.Back pain is back, but not as bad as when I had my Grasshopper. I'm going to check out the Wright Stander next. Bobby


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Steve, I have a friend in the business who suffered from chronic back pain. The Wright Stander changed his world. He swears by it. Good luck, Bill

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I agree that the ferris IS would be a good choice.And I think that every one would agree with me when I say that mower manufactuers have been taking their time coming up with supensions for mowers!If you ask me a nice seat does not cut it.How many years have riding mowers been on the market?Up until last year no one had independent suspension on mowers.Hopefully ferris has given the other makers a wake up call!!!<br> <br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
Even a Ferris with an air ride seat from a class 8 truck will not solve your problem.<p>You need one of the new stand on riders if you can afford to make that purchase.<p>For about $300 you can buy a turf rider<br>stand on sulky to attach to a WB.<p><p>Buy the hydro model even if you have a<br>gear drive mower. Any sulky that pivots<br>side to side stinks. With the hydro model<br>your mower controls are always the same <br>distance from your body.<p>I have logged over 2000 hours personally on<br>these turf rider sulkies and I have never had<br>to even visit a chriopractor once.<p>The man of the century said for every action<br>there is an opposite and equal reaction.<p>Buy standing all day you will increase the<br>power of your abs this IS the key for preventing back injuries. Plus now your ankles, knees, and hips distribute the &quot;road shock&quot; instead of your back. I have come to<br>find the increasing the size(height) of the<br>mower drive tires makes the unit ride better.<br>Don't forget you can also lower your tire<br>pressure also.