Selective bentgrass control

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CT John, May 26, 2004.

  1. CT John

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    In reading the articles linked below, I am curious as to what my chances are of obtaining either of the products, called Callisto® made by Syngenta or Balance Pro® made by Bayer. Can I call company reps and purchase it? Will they sell to unlicensed homeowners?

    Or can a local LCO obtain these and apply it for me for a price?

    I am desperate for a selective control for creeping bentgrass in my KBG. I already killed the entire turfstand once last fall, reseeded and am now finding that there are spots of the bentgrass coming back. These products are not yet registered for turfgrass applications but seem to show great promise in selectively controlling perennial grassy weeds in cool season grasses. Thanks.
  2. Are you sure you have creeping bentgrass, or could it be poa annua?
  3. hole in one lco

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    You can kill it but it will be back, if your neighbor has it you will too
  4. CT John

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    Thanks for the replies. I have some poa annua as well, but this is definitely bent. Controlling the bent worries me more than the poa, although I know both are tough to get a handle on. Neighbor does not have it, but I do.

    Noone seems to want to answer my question about those two products. The research seems to be very promising as to eventually having a selective control for this very difficult to control grass. I understand that I am just a homeowner, but someone could offer me some info without actually breaking the law or telling me to break the law. I realize that that products are not registered for use on turfgrass. Can I somehow get my hands on these products legally?
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  6. CT John

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    James, thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.
  7. tremor

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    Pre-M 60% @ 1.5# AI/A
    Threeway Selective @ 1.5 oz/M
    Acclaim @ 1 oz/M

    Twice each spring 8 weeks apart.

    Bent won't die. But it won't spread either.
  8. Where is the bent coming from?

    Buy quality BLUE TAG SEED, minimize the chance that it includes bent seed

    I also agree with tremot, that a trimec NOT label for bent grass would put a hurt on it!

    Is acclaim label for anything at 1oz/m?
  9. tremor

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    Not any more. .9 oz/M. Sorry.

    Bent just happens here in CT. It makes no difference what type of seed we start with. We have too many golf course to not have bent. Throw in some irrigation, & every lawn has some. All we have to do is provide some decent maintence & Fairfiled & Westchester County lawns always show Bent in time.

    Plus years ago, Bent was a regular constituent of all better seed mixtures. Remember Chlordane, Locke mowers & twice anual lawn rolling? Bent/Fescue seed blends were the poop back then.

    Selective postemergent controls will be very popular once registered & commercially available. I'll put the feelers out next week.
  10. CT John

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    Thanks for the replies guys. The bent seed was most likely mixed in with the hydroseeding I had done to establish a new lawn back in 99. Since then it just got worse every year until it became about 50% or more of my lawn. Looked terrible during the hot weather of summer when all the patches browned out. Up until a couple years ago I knew nothing about it. At least now I know what to look for and can keep up with it before it gets out of control. Of course thats until the RR varieties get out of control. :eek: Thanks for the tips tremor.

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