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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bill Pate, Apr 9, 2010.

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    I did some work last year and tried to grow grass in to fill in the disturbed spots. I was given the wrong grass seed and now I have patches of fast growing, light colored tall frescue grass in large areas. It is now spreading into the blue grass as well. Is there a selective herbicide that can kill the frescue while leaving the blue grass alone so I can overseed the area? I have attached pictures of the patches.


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    what about this stuff, I am not a chem guy so I really don't know
    How Certainty Works
    • Certainty turf herbicide is a foliar applied, postemergence herbicide that also has soil activity. It moves into the
    plant and prevents the synthesis of key plant-specific amino acids that eventually leads to plant death. The
    herbicide symptoms are the gradual yellowing followed by browning of leaf tissue.
    What Results Can You Expect?
    • When applied as recommended in this use guide, Certainty turf herbicide is able to selectively remove tall
    fescue and will allow desirable turf to fill in the spaces.

    or this
    The replacement product for TFC is called Corsair by Riverdale. It's the same a.i. and formulation, I think Lesco just sold it to Riverdale. I used it a couple years ago and had fair to good results. Just keep in mind the tall fescue clumps are usually so dense that there's not a lot a bluegrass left to recover and what's there recovers slowly. But if they are 5A lots the spots might be less obvious than on someone's postage stamp. It works, just don't over sell it. It's not a miracle cure. Good Luck, Marc

    use the search feature, there is LOTS of information on here
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    probably impossible to tell from pictures, but my guess is that that is annual ryegrass, based on the yellowish color.

    If it annual ryegrass, heat is about the only thing that is going to help you get rid of it. I don't believe there are any herbicides safe on bluegrass but labeled for control of fescue or ryegrass.
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    Hey Bill
    This was on another thread that just started up

    Lesco TFC was made by Nufarm, who still makes it. Corsair also kills Perennial Ryegrass so use care. Bluegrass will not be harmed.

    Use a spray dye indicator to isolate the treatment area.
    Corsair is also amazingly effective on violets.
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    The Corsair and TFC are certainly on the upper end of the price spectrum, though. Here are some options. Simply hit the small clump areas with glyphosate and reseed, or replace with sod taken from inconspicuous areas and replant those areas. Or, an old trick we have done in the past; mow the grass rather low in those areas. 3 days later, the tall fescue will be sticking up much higher than the surrounding cultivars (as in the photos). Using a sponge or a wicket (hockey stick shaped applicator stick with sponge type material on bottom), wet the leaves of the grass sticking up with glyphosate. This last method though, don't tell anyone I told you this, as it is a "trade secret". lol
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    If you are not in an area that it is restricted in, Finesse by Dupont has Chlorsulfuron and Metsulfuron which would take out the Fescue and Rye's and broadleafs. It's an ag product so you could probably get it cheaper. I think it use to be called Glean.
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