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I have a customer that has a mulch bed that was improperly made and the grass has migrated into the mulch. He wants me to get rid of the grass and properly prepare the bed and remulch. There is a stand of arbor vitaes that is the focus of the bed.

What product can I use to kill the grass in the bed without damaging the arbor vitaes?

I don't want to dig it all out. Yes I am certified and liscensed but I don't do much with a selective, nonselective herbicide. What do you recommend?

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You can spray round up non selective herbicide if the arbs are mature. But don't get to close hand pull the other stuff.

A little word to the wise use a piece of cardboard to shield any plant or bushes


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selective means, you select a product, and use it.


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Roundup will only kill the green stuff. As long as you keep it off the leaves it wont harm the arbivita.In fact I use roundup to kill the sucker shoots on the base of trees, does no harm to the tree. Also you can use Cassoron for year long control of grass and weeds.

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Roundup is risky to use a sucker defoliant, for it is a translocated herbicide, probably Finaly would probably be safer as a defoialiant.

Just my 2 cents

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