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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Greenie, Jan 11, 2002.

  1. Greenie

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    Kerb made by Rohm Haas is supposed to control quack grass. I applied it in November and am looking forward to spring to see if it worked. Does anyone have any experience with Kerb?
    It is a restricted use pesticide and is quite pricey - but if it kills quack grass like it is supposed to, I'll be a very happy man.
  2. Foster

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    I have never heard of the product but, I too am interested in your results. Who did you buy it from? What was their claims?
  3. Greenie

    Greenie LawnSite Member
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    Kerb is a restricted use turf and ornamental herbicide. It is claimed to control quackgrass both preemergence and early postemergence. It is applied in the fall and early winter before the ground freezes. It also controls chickweed, orchardgrass, crabgrass and quite a few other weeds.
    I learned about it after e-mailing a question about quackgrass control to a chemical company - might have been Dow. They wrote back to me about this Kerb. I just applied it in November, so I am looking forward to this spring ( more than usual ) to see if it works.
    Kerb is WSP, I paid about $115 for 3 one pound bags - the smallest order I think. If it works it will be well worth the money because quackgrass has been a very big frustration for me. The idea of killing a large portion of my lawn with round-up just doesn't appeal to me.
  4. tremor

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    Some grassy weed issues can be solved (on smaller areas) when the undesirable grass is getting taller than the turf between mowings. Roundup can be applied only to the tall grass at a 1:3 ratio in a wick applicator. Just care fully "sweep" the roundup onto the taller leaves. Spray dye helps. I once used a rubber golve & a sponge to kill Rye grass growing up through Junipers this way. Didn't take 5 minutes & <$2.00. Not good for big areas. But very cheap & effective.


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