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    View the attached photo's to understand what the Green Guardian selective weed control is capable of doing.

    Note that the control you see in this photo has no similarity to "traditional" weed controls. It looks more like old wet lettuce. Customers must be made aware of the difference in appearance.

    Also Dandelions will not lose the flower or stem. It does not twist, curl or mutate. The flower will stay intact and the stem straight. In fact, as the dandelion is dying it will send out more flowers than ever before.

    This process takes longer than "traditional" methods and the customer must be informed of that fact. The process duration will vary depending on a number of factors including:

    Soil Moisture
    Maturity of weed
    Soil pH
    Turf density

    We frequently apply this product in light rain because it takes more than one application to provide effective control of mature weeds. We advise a 3 step "Weed Buster™" program which includes 3 applications over a 4 week cycle.

    This program (which is trademarked for the sole use of this product) will control ~80% of all the weeds within 6 weeks of application. We advise that this product is applied once a month as a maintenance thereafter.

    Many people believe that customers will "resist" this program because of cost. The material costs between $2.00 - $3.00/1,000 (depending on volume) and include your fertility.

    The audience for this product/service typically has not applied and "traditional" products including fertilizer for a number of years. These clients are far greater in number than you ever anticipated. The willingness to part with the extra cash for this program over "traditional" methods and accept slightly lower efficacy is far beyond your expectations.

    Now that I have stated the dreaded works "lower efficacy" in a product announcement must seem like suicide. Quite frankly it is not. Just like the customers we seek those who believe that the ever growing segment of the population that refuses to expose themselves/children/pets/environment to unnecessary applications of "Cosmetic usages of Herbicides" are soon to exceed those who choose the alternative.

    Our "lower efficacy" is also not exactly accurate. If you compare one application of the Green Guardian to "traditional" products yes, it is lower. If you compare a season long properly executed program, we are close except in turf quality. Turf quality will almost always be far greater that you were achieving with your "traditional" choices.

    Yes, our program requires additional attention, knowledge and willingness to commit to changing how you perceive your client base and how you provide your services.

    The benefits far outweigh your concerns. see some photos of lawn we have serviced and look at the level of weed control in the split photo.

    If this is for you we have three different programs for you to choose from.

    1) Purchase the product/s and get our support on setting up a program, product knowledge education and understanding your target market.

    2) Become part of our expansion team. email for more information.

    3) Sit and wait until the pesticide bans hit your town and call the auctioneer.

    The last is a bit harsh but just ask the lawn care companies in the "entire" Provence of Quebec, effective Provence wide 2006. Ask companies in Toronto, effective late summer 2005. The writing is on the wall.

    This is not the end of the world but a fantastic opportunity to be on the front line of the next major change in the turf industry. Your only bad choice, is to do nothing.

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    mark,,,do any of yalls websites work? i was trying to look up your products and for some reason the websites couldnt be found? maybe its my comp?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    nope the links dont work for me either
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    We are installing a major new infrastructure to our computer and phone systems. Regretfully we will be off line during this transition because of certain components that were ordered and supposed to be here Friday that will not arrive until early next week.

    We should be back up on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.
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    mark thats cool,,,,from reading your report about your selective weed control product,,,,,am i correct in saying that it is fertilizer program that kills the weeds by the ph balance? or is there actually a herbicide?
  6. Norm Al

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    "Nature’s Feed 18-0-5 and management of weeds?
    Nature’s Feed is a liquid fertilizer affecting the growth of weeds. It is NOT a pesticide."

    mark i got the info from your distributor,,,,i see it is a fertilizer program! that seems like a ton of fert to apply to a florida lawn. is it ok to use this program anywhere or just up north?
  7. green_mark

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    It depends on which product. Basically, all products will kill by the disruption of cellular structure.
  8. Norm Al

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    all 3 products seemed to be a high rate of N if applied the first 3 times in 30 to 45 days!
  9. green_mark

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    Which distributor?

    Florida lawns should be using our 100% organic 5-0-3.

    The Natures Feed is not a weed control, just a fertilizer. We do have Natures Weed & Feed 18-0-5 (not rec for Florida)
    The Green Guardian 14-0-5 (not rec for Florida)

    I would suggest the 5-0-3 only for your climate as a weed and feed program.
  10. Norm Al

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    huh? are you saying the 5-0-3 is or is NOT a weed and feed?

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