Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Petr51488, Aug 25, 2005.

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    It's actually fairly common to have a stamped envelope get used for something else. I never included one for any type of customer and did not find that it made any difference in the speed nor response for payments nor proposals. People that pay slow will always pay slow and proposals should always be followed through with a call or visit in person to see if there were any additional questions or concerns. If someone asks for them, relay that is an extra cost that has to be added to their bill, I think you'll find that they'll come up with stamps and envelopes on their own.
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    i don't include stamps, but i send my bills in a legal size envelope, then include a smaller envelope that is pre labeled with my address. it's easier for them to simply write a check, and it looks professional also. its nice also to open your mailbox and see a stack of them, easier to sort through my junk mail :)

    its cheap for me though cuz my wife makes and sells labels, and party favors, like invitations. she's made some for some LawnSite members who are friends of mine, and does some nice work if anyone is interested.
    this isn't a sales pitch moderators, just offfering an idea.

    here's the one my wife made for me. she can do more fancy, but i like it simple. on a members here, she added a water mark going diaganol across the background with his company name in it.
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    we print our own envelopes and self addressed envelopes as well.... found that sending just an invoice you wouldnt get check in on time...or address was wrong and it would be late. last year i used to send them with a stamp on the envelope to send the check to us but found it was a waste of $$ , some people didnt use the envelope i sent. we stopped doing that and some people complained about it, told them tuff luck gas and ins $$ are going up so i had to cut costs somewhere without raising your cut price..... they didnt say a word after that. Now the HOA and larger residentials...... $600 +/month we send a stamp with it, just for perks mainly..... half the time i dont even see the envelopes we send out most of the time its hand written that come back........
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    lol ...the word is coincidence.......
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    Ive done this for years. My girlfriend the executive, said i was crazy to do this, then she seen how fast i got back the checks payup . now she has her staff do it and they get the mail back faster payup

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