Self Employed- How much are youpaying for Health Insurance??


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$1600 a month family of 4. 7600 deductible silver plan


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when obamacare first started families had $10k deductibles. everyone pitched a fit over it and now they are much cheaper. if they jack the prices up people will be forced to not have insurance at all because no one will be able to afford it. it will be like the old days and you'll have a doctor that goes around your town to treat people. either that or everyone will just get sick and die earlier.
can you pay him with apples, pies and good will like little house on the prairie?


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Going into my second year WITHOUT insurance. Had it till my premium rose from $770/month in 2017 to $1100/month in 2018 just for me and I dont take any god damn prescriptions or have any health parents provided me with good genes, that and I ate And played with dirt when i was a kid. Imune system is very good. I will be 62 this year and not planning on paying for insurance until medicare kicks in.

I am paying a fine for not having it last year, but that is peanuts compared to the annual premium. I will worry about what happens tomorrow when it gets here


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I don't believe you have to pay the fine for 2018.

We have it through my wife's bank still crappy. $700 a month for family of 4. Each of us must first meet $5000 deductible for any and all services, doc visits, prescriptions.... Everything. So $8400 plus at least $5000 before the first dollar of insurance pays out. Thanks.


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I lived without it the last couple of years, since it was around $1,000.00 for just me & the cheapest plan. I was in my sixties & the older you get the more it cost. I have Medicare now & pay around $135.00 a month


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Not having insurance in your 40, 50s or 60s is risky. I gambled and luckily was forced into getting it back. Saved me $80000 so far in medicine and treatment.Just one medicine was $15000 for the full treatment.:rolleyes::dizzy:(I paid nothing for it)
I didn't even have a regular doctor before my 40s. Besides being sick you could be in a auto accident. Working outside you could be bit by something venomous. Treatment for a snake bite is $60000 or more. You're stuck going to substandard emergency care . Doctors and Hospitals are 80% about the money. Interns in the emergency rooms are for the poor to practice on. The Medicine companies do not care whether you live or die. They want their money
Your paying a penalty for nothing. You pay a premium for piece of mind. That is worth a lot! I hate Insurance, so I understand. Just medical cost can bankrupt you in a skinny minute. Most likely you will be ok. Just never know what will happen from one day to the next. That is the problem.
Medicare has been cut so far that most need supplemental insurance. That will cost you $300 plus per month